THREE of NINE: Pioneer Tales

Posted on August 9, 2010



Mormon pioneers flee the United States for Mexican Territory, and yet, only a year later, again find their flag of the Kingdom of Deseret planted somehow in the dirt of the U.S.  Conflict follows for fifty years.


Mormons from what one might now call the “Utah-branch” have rejected plural marriage (while others embraced it with new zeal), and incorporated their agrarian-communal religion into the image of the modern American corporation.  GM was the model for this new body of Mormonism.  Correlation would follow.


As a Post-Correlated Mormon, I face the problem of scrying the future of Correlation through the eyeball whose trajectory (perhaps after an open-eyed sneeze) and gaze I hope to chart here.  Let me see…Just as it polished a new lens for eyeing the past, Correlation creates its own future in the image of a sort of speculation conducted since the 1960s.  The future was peeped in statistical figures: twelve million international figures cried from the dust of computer terminals.  In 1960 they demanded their needs, by the year 2000, be met, and efficiently.  Which needs?  Simplified curriculum, with reduced shipping rates, enabled concept-delivery around the world; also to one’s mind, all with a modicum of expense (call these “Cost Correlation” and “Concept Correlation,” respectively).  Also, we need absolute clarity regarding to whom one ought to show deference, locally and imaginatively (“Priesthood Correlation”).  A new vertical imaging of social relations was born, and the hierarchical diagram industry boomed.  Last?  Ritualistic care for repetition by quotation or, sometimes, cliché; and cost-effective re-reading of Pre-Correlated materials (“Discursive Correlation”).   Needs realized, what does the future betide for these four oarsmen of Mormon entelechy? 

In answer, let us draw from that well of tired metaphor and easily correlated drama: the Pioneer Story.  

Imagine four Pioneers of Correlation: Brother Content, Sister Cost, Brother Priesthood, and, of course, Sister Discursive.  Who will change, and who falter on trek to the Promised Land, and who fail to greet, at last, the Enochians?  (Descent of the mystical City of Enoch was said, in 1960s manuals given to ward leaders, to commence only after congregations were square with all four Correlations). 

Words won’t fail us so soon, though perhaps meaning or sense has tired somewhat.  Onward Sister Discursive.  Brother Priesthood is sure to stand at the helm of the wagons of our hierarchical religion.  Brother Content, it seems, requires only a steady diet of copy-and-paste.  So, let us attend first to Sister Cost.  The expense, necessary or needless, of the vast corporate machinery forged and geared since the 1960s cannot hope for clockwork economic growth; and thus, for attendant growth in stock portfolio value, real property value, and, most importantly, ever rising tithes to lift their titanic boats.

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