NINE of NINE: Endings

Posted on August 9, 2010


But this is the most significant shift which future “historians” fail to diagnose in her condition: the realm of the public, the imagined mass, of the visible and countable and comparable – these places are regarded, futurely, as the authentic temple of the Spirit.  Individual spirits are rewritten as Mass Spirit, and the time-and-placelessness of the digital confers reality to this theology of the Mass. 

The private, the inner, the individual is left to the opinions of blogologians.  Some Twitter that these relics are residues of Fallen Man: corners where secrets hide from watchers, where individual qualities long ago called “accidents” (non-essential, not “general”) are now quarantined; where remnants of “old Mormonism,” such as speaking with embodied humans, moving their furniture, eating communal meals during holidays, initiative, risk, invention, testifying, crying – well, these like a scapegoat, or Adam, into the desolate waste are exiled.  All that is not visible to the algorithm, neither bowing the knee to the digital 0101, nor confessing the tongue that a mass-copied, Up-Voted pixel-Jesus be the Christ – all that is individual, local, embodied, unique and particularized will be at last lost to the Correlated Order. 

But Mormonism, or whatever continues to animate Saints incautious enough to pass their imaginations over the anti-soporific salts called Joseph Smith, will move to other venues and sights, other physicalities, letting the Correlationists live and let live, even if in the image of things.  A gay ending to an otherwise bleak vision?  Good Sister Discursive, revived, is welcomed beyond the veil by Saints who sing extempore dirges, who chant sonnets with their hands clasped about her neck, and soon all set about finding a new cave of textual treasures to unseal.  And perhaps even to publish, uncorrelated, even in the online ether.

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